Content strategy consultancy

Content strategy consultancy

Getting your content strategy right is everything.  It's drives what you say on your website, the promotional content you produce and how you say it.

Your goals may be more traffic, better awareness of your product range or a pure focus on enquiry generation. That could be achieved by producing web pages, articles, blog posts, videos, visuals or interactive media.

Our expertise comes in gaining understanding of your audience and objectives, and working out exactly the right strategy and channels to achieve your goals. We spend time understanding your audience's preferences, what competitors are doing, and work out the best way to serve your audience the right content.

Content strategy consultancy

Content audit and strategy

Our content strategy always starts with a review of current content - to analyse performance and benchmark improvements.

Even the most advanced business can benefit from a content audit. Content tends to get added in a laissez fair style, and having a third party review your existing content and suggesting improvements can have a really positive impact on website performance.

Taking the information from the audit, personas, customer insights, we can start to identify areas of focus. Outcomes are always on improving enquiry generation or traffic and could include:  

  • Improving hierarchy of your content
  • Consolidation of unnecessary web pages to improve user journeys  
  • Expansion of content served to visitors
  • Identifying poorly performing pages
  • Finding opportunities for content improvements
  • Identifying gaps in content
  • A content marketing drive
  • Recommending an SEO audit of content

Our team is multidisciplined across content, usability, analytics and search, meaning any outcomes are holistic and considered.

Content planning

With the right goals and channels in place, we can start to build an actionable content plan.  

What’s included is driven by a combination of factors - keywords people search for, what will drive social media engagement, or key messages you might want to refer customers to.

We’ll find the most appropriate format for your content pieces, be that web pages, new sections of your site, blogs, product guides, eBooks, infographics or news pieces.

And with an in-house content production team, we can execute effective content on your behalf.

If you're looking for a partner who can direct content strategy and help drive better online results, we'd love to have a conversation.

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