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Content marketing is the driver of digital success

Content marketing should be central to any inbound lead generation or brand awareness exercise.

Customers today are more informed than ever, and by the time they shortlist possible suppliers, they will have already done a lot of online research.

Our view is that in this age of customer research, the best way to drive awareness and enquiries is to be part of that research phase. That means providing either informative content that helps them reach a decision, or to provide content that’s entertaining - but relevant.

But before embarking on any content marketing production, you need a solid strategy.

Content strategy development

It’s important to start with a digital discovery phase first. Once that’s been done, we’ll have a good understanding of business goals, personas and your uniqueness within the market.

That understanding is what drives content marketing planning, always keeping your business context in mind.

We usually aim to create a strong mix of content in any plan. Content which is varied in topic, and also varied in purpose. Some content may be targeted at search traffic, while other content is purely aiming to be engaging on social. Some content is useful to support web pages - or even your sales team.

You’ll never see us produce a set number of blogs per month, or see us churn out content to keep Google happy.  
Our content marketing style is to always prioritise quality over quantity.

Planning and execution

With the right commercial and brand understanding, and the right strategy in place, the only thing left is to create and execute the content marketing plan.

Our team of experts are wide ranging in skills, and we have an in-house content production team. They work closely with the search and social teams, to make sure everything is optimised for success - whatever channel it’s found on.

It’s important that content marketing is supported with an amplification strategy - and that’s where our paid and social teams come in.

Speak to us about how we can help take your content marketing to the next level - through thought-out strategy and planning.

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