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Paid advertising campaigns driven by business goals

Whether you have a product, service, event or cause to promote, digital advertising is one of the most effective routes to market. It's quick, impactful and effective - great for quick impact and measurable results.

Google knows your interests, Facebook knows what pages you like and Gmail knows who you receive emails from. This level of data and insight means that digital advertising can be more targeted and effective than ever.

We work across a range of digital platforms. Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn - to name just a few. And we tailor the right mix to every client - based on profiling and audience segmentation.

We love developing creative and messaging too - and that's the secret behind great digital advertising. More than just setting up some ads and letting them run, we pride ourselves on developing campaigns that are compelling and engaging - for maximum impact.

Aligning our campaigns to your brand is key

We know the importance of brand consistency. All too often digital campaigns sit separately and feel disjointed - and that's something we look to avoid.

We'll work closely with you to develop the right on-brand messaging, by understanding your existing key messages, tone of voice and brand guidelines - basically anything we can get our hands on. And we'll sign off our creative with you.

We love to develop creative that maximises the return on investment. Whether that's through stories, photography, animation or video, we'll find the right media to create an effective campaign. We do collaborate closely with clients on this side of thing - recognising that to be effective, campaigns need to be consistent with your proposition.

Campaign management - a bit about our team

The day-to-day management of paid campaigns needs TLC and experience. Our team have run campaigns across many sectors and industries - and as a certified Google Partner, you can trust us to manage your budget.

Our campaign development team have worked with and for brands such as, Ericsson and DFS on developing targeting and campaigns.

Speak to us about getting started with a thought-out and well-balanced paid strategy.


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