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Hi, we're All Trousers. We're one of the leading SEO agencies in Wales, and one of the fastest growing too. Our team of six are based out of the Tramshed Tech, the home of tech firms in the capital. And we're more than your average SEO company.

SEO is one of the best investments a company can make, if your goal is to grow enquiries and brand awareness. We love helping clients achieve more and grow faster, and our goal is to become an extension of your team, a long-term partner.

The world of SEO can be difficult to navigate. A lot of companies offer the service, recognising that it's of great value to clients. But often they are not specialists in SEO, and are not geared up to deliver the service or results. Tactics that work change all the time too, and companies that use outdated tactics (such as automated links, keyword stuffing) can do more harm than good.

We also know there are lots of SEO companies out there who will put you on a retainer without really understanding who you are and where you're heading, and as a result their work and content is a pretty poor reflection of who you are, and doesn't achieve the results you want. For example, they fail to understand what your audience searches for, or what content they expect to see when they do find your site.

Our approach is to work closely with you and understand your business first, and make sure we get the marketing basics right. Who to target, what your message is, and what you want to be found for. It sounds basic, but it's the simple things done well that create the foundation for great SEO results.

Our SEO philosophy is based on on-site best practice, technical SEO, content strategy driven by search terms, UX improvements and digital PR to build links.

We are proud to work with clients such as Mazuma, Brightlines and Weedingtech on their SEO campaigns - and we've consulted for a few of the FTSE 250 too.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultancy

SEO in 2019


As we alluded to, SEO is one of the most contentious and divisive topics in digital marketing - and has been for many years. 

SEO is short for search engine optimisation. It's called this because it refers to the optimisation of your website to achieve better natural listings in Google and other search engines, for keywords related to your products or services. That could be the name of your product, wider keywords such as the problem you solve, and also questions that can lead to interest in your product.

In the past (10-20 years ago) you could achieve better rankings by manipulating the Google search results with stealth tactics. For example, building many links, irrespective of website quality. Or putting your keywords into the text more times than anybody else. Thankfully, Google has gotten smarter since then, and there are a range of measures that contribute to good SEO.

All Trousers view of the top ranking factors would be:

  • Volume of quality links 
  • Quality and relevance of content - addressing search intent
  • Website usability
  • Technical compliance to best-practice
  • Use of correct keywords and correct keyword targeting

We start with the foundations - get the strategy right and the rest of the above will flow.

This involves working closely with our clients to understand their business, what they want to promote and what their key messages are. We'll get our content team involved and update your site to reflect your keywords, and make sure the content is also addressing search intent.

Then we'll get your website firing from a technical SEO point of view, and making sure your internal linking and architecture are on-point.

After this stage, we move into ongoing improvements, content management and improvement, blog content to grow authority and audence and campaigns to generate high-value links.

You'll enjoy working with us because we report back regularly, and we take responsibility for generating business results. We actually care a lot about our clients and want to see them get the success they deserve. You can expect us to chase up unclosed tasks, be proactive in identifying issues and to provide updates on progress.

We've helped established brands improve their SEO traffic to achieve organisational objectives. And we've helped smaller companies punch above their weight against much larger companies for national search terms.

On-site SEO services

Our team - right here in Cardiff

Recruitment is kind of a big deal at All Trousers.

We're committed to developing a culture of learning, progression, development and high achievement, and we recruit accordingly. Our SEO team is no different. Good SEO requires technical and creative angles, and we have a good mix of both areas in our team. 

Our team have worked for brands such as, Welsh Government, Wolfestone and GoCompare on search and paid search campaigns, so we have a range of experience from SMEs to large organisations.

We’re great communicators too, and have an account management function to help drive along projects - we're happy to work with your current design and development team to implement changes that will drive better SEO results.

If we sound like we might be a good fit, drop us a message or call, and we'd love to chat.

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