4 reasons why your in-house marketing needs an agency

When looking for an in-house or outsourced approach, a mix of both is best in terms of costs and efficiencies.

Succeeding at digital marketing requires proper investment so much so that lack of it is usually the reason for failure.  But unless you are an Amazon or Starbucks you’re unlikely to be packing a budget to employ all conceivable experts in-house. Don’t go rushing to HR quite yet.

When considering how best to grow your marketing, the truth is, in-house marketers simply cannot deliver cutting edge digital solutions in ways an agency can. But it is also the case that an agency needs someone in-house that understands the business to act as a driver for growth.  So what’s the answer?

A common scenario

Many companies have a kind of junior-executive type person in their company. But they don’t have the time to direct them properly, and the employee does their best but doesn’t have the experience to know exactly what to do, so progress is slower than they hoped.

Alternatively they may have a higher-level person who then gets bogged down in implementing social media and link building for example. So they pay bigger money, but then utilise them like a junior or exec.

In either case they would have done better using an agency to support the in-house marketer to ensure best ROI.

‘How’ you might ask? So how exactly does an agency add value? 

Here are four key ways an agency beats in-house expansion hands down.

1. An agency brings more minds and skills

No matter how good your in-house team is, an agency will always win on number of minds and skills. A marketing agency gives you access to expert content writers, search engine optimisation professionals, social media professionals, graphic designers, and web design professionals.  You get a fresh pair of eyes, and one that is on the cutting edge – always.

2. An agency is lighter on infrastructure costs

Chances are your business doesn’t have the funds to pull off having every type of digital expert and you will get more out of your marketing by tapping into what you need when you need it.

Trying to replicate the skills set of an agency is nothing short of expensive and resource heavy! A full suite of marketing tools is incredibly pricey if you have to buy them every time you need to do something. 

An agency can use their tools and if you need access the tool will sell you a licence.

3. An agency won’t leave you high and dry

It’s true marketers come and go and this can be hard to pick up from. An external agency will always deliver no matter who leaves in the firm if they are worth their salt.

This manages risk better when the knowledge in marketing is only in one person, as when that person ups and leaves knowledge is simply lost.

4. An agency knows marketing techniques (better than you)

An in-house marketer will live and breathe the business brand and that level of understanding is needed to succeed.

However, online marketing is simply too big and way too complex for a single person to be an expert at everything.  But then, if you do hire in-house, when skill sets needed changing you can end up stuck to one channel or set of tactics. 

Agencies on the other hand are agile with all the latest tools and tactics.

They tend to have experts in each tool and channel who know about getting return on marketing investment. They can pitch the numbers in digital campaigns right and set budgets effectively. You get access to a variety of high-level experts without you needing to hire full timers who then may only learn by making lots of expensive mistakes first.

How a mixed approach works

  • It is simply not possible to get the same level of expertise in-house without an enormous investment.
  • Deciding on how to use a marketing agency is about choosing maximum efficiency. You need someone on the inside to understand and coordinate and then on the outside an agency can provide multiple skills and the latest tech and tools.
  • A good agency will allow you to build on in-house marketing expertise while gaining support to keep costs affordable.

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Using an agency gives you diversification of high-end skills and can be more cost effective than trying to make your own in-house team.

Agencies can certainly fast track your results and drive goals much quicker than recruiting in-house and managing a small team of marketers or one even.

Whatever your needs, we have people who are more senior and can be consultative, plus those that can help implement and plan social or produce content and implement and manage SEO and PPC. So we can fill in at either end of seniority…or both. Get in touch to find out how we can work together.


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