In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to reassure you that the All Trousers team will continue to support your business during this uncertain time. 

Our entire team is trained and well prepared to work remotely with cloud-based collaboration tools, video conferencing and web messaging.

This means that we are able to continue delivering our work to you without disruption. We will continue to produce content, implement SEO changes, manage your social accounts and run your PPC campaigns to ensure continued growth in leads and traffic.

We will be proactively reviewing the government’s position on Coronavirus daily, but will continue working as normal. 

We truly believe it’s more important now than ever to continue your digital marketing. Failing to do so could have a long-term impact on your business and pipeline and future sales, and we want to ensure that the support we provide continues to help your business grow and be successful far beyond the current situation.

To give you some additional support during this time, we’ve compiled a list of digital marketing best practices for you to follow:

1 – Crisis communications

We would advise hosting a press release on your website addressing the Coronavirus outbreak and how it might affect your business and customers, as well as sending an email outlining the same.

The aim is to reassure your customers and clients that you have procedures in place to tackle any issues that might arise, and that you will be constantly reviewing the situation.

If you would like assistance with writing this content, or would like us to review what you have already written, please let us know

2 – Social media

As of today, we will be tweaking your social media posts to provide reassurance to your followers, ensuring that the content is sensitive to the situation at hand.

You might find our posts less promotional, and we’ll try and consider the current situation in posts that go out.

Please do let us know if there is anything you want us to say – or anything you want us to avoid saying – on your accounts.

If we don’t manage your social media accounts, we would advise that you address the outbreak by posting content that is reassuring and sensitive. It’s important that your posts don’t come across as callous and that you’re taking advantage of the situation – if posts are overly promotional or light-hearted, they may be seen as inconsiderate or inappropriate.

3 – Email marketing

Much like social, anything overly promotional might not go down too well at the moment. In the short-term it might be better to focus on a message more tailored to the current circumstances and more of a reassuring approach.

In more eCommerce/online sectors this is less of an issue as online shopping will continue, but the situation should still be considered for sensitivity.

4 – SEO and PPC

Both SEO and PPC are able to continue as normal and are now more important than ever.

Given that other channels are now crowded with news about coronavirus, addressing direct search engine searches is the best way to generate pipeline and sales at this time. More people than ever will be enquiring and buying through websites as their preferred option.

5 – eCommerce

If you’re an eCommerce store, whose business is primarily online, we would recommend looking into delivery services and seeing if there are any delays that might arise from the outbreak.

Here is the most up to date information from some of the biggest couriers in the UK:

  1. Royal Mail
  2. DHL
  3. DPD
  4. ParcelForce
  5. FedEx

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns on the above, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to support you however we can during this uncertain time. 

As always, we look forward to continuing our work together.


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