Digital marketing news and tips from Q2 2017

Welcome to our Q2 roundup of digital marketing news – focusing on the new innovations that can help you grow.

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Better GA attribution

Google Analytics just got a whole lot better, with the release of the new and improved attribution tool. You can find it under the “Conversions” section of the left hand menu.

What that means is that if you have conversion tracking in place (forms, emails, phonecalls, signups), you can now not only track the source of the enquiry (e.g. organic SEO), but also what other digital touch-points contributed to the enquiry (e.g. social).

Traditionally Analytics was all about the last click before conversion – not a true representation of the full user journey. This is great news for channels which influence the purchase, without directly generating purchases. Overall we feel the roll out of the tool should help marketers invest more smartly.

The biggest implementation challenge is that so many companies – large and small – still struggle to get to grips with effective conversion tracking.

Struggles can include tracking online-to-offline conversions, dealing with spam enquiries and identifying what a conversion actually looks like. To measure success your conversion tracking needs to be watertight – and we can help.


LinkedIn comes to life with video

A lot of people expected LinkedIn to go downhill following the acquisition by Microsoft in 2016. Us included.

In fact, the platform hasn’t really changed a lot (barring some minor features). It’s also had some nice improvements like the option to attach images to comments – and remains a really strong B2B platform.

A platform which has just been enriched with video sharing capability.

It’s such a new feature that we haven’t seen anyone really take it seriously yet – and like any digital innovation, the first to the table will make the most impact.

The best way to take advantage of the opportunity? Create unique, entertaining, non-salesy, LinkedIn-native video content. Add subtitles and keep it brief.

Here’s a pretty crude – but effective – example.  (Click the image to see the original post)


Cinemagraphs…so hot right now

Do you even Instagram?  If you do, you might have noticed a trend towards still photographs where a subtle movement is repeated in a loop – a.k.a. cinemagraphs.

There’s undoubtedly a lot of competition and noise out there on social. And with so many people out there sharing image and text-based content, movement is a great way to stand out and get engagement. That goes for other platforms too, not just Instagram.

Yet, video content is expensive to produce, and you can’t necessarily commit to producing new video content every week or month – unless you have a large budget.

Brands who self-produce raw visual and video content are winning online. Spectrum Collections are a great example – they are a small make-up company from Barry in Wales and have 232k Instagram followers. They’ve definitely developed a clear social style, without the massive video production budget.

So rather than wishing you had more budget, creating short, clever videos can help brighten up your feed and grow engagement. Audiences love authenticity and short, easy-to-digest content – cinemagraphs really hit the spot.

To show you how easily you can get involved, we’ve created one of our own. We recorded it using an iPhone 7 plus and edited it in Photoshop.

Coffee anyone?


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