"I couldn't do that with my Mac"

4 years ago by Liz Estall

Have you seen the ad for Microsoft Surface Tab recently? A series of interviews, each one has a similar line mentioned - "I couldn't do that with my Mac"

From the creators of what is an extremely innovative and intelligent product, I think that this whole Microsoft campaign falls somewhat short of what is clever. It really doesn't do them any favours as a company - or do the technology any justice. 

But at the same time, the ads have a very ironically Apple-feel. I'm not in minority, feeling that the visual identity of Windows is ripping Apple off. 

You can't blame Windows for wanting to emulate the success of the beast that is Apple but I can't help but feel like they really don't need to become so uncomfortably similar. 

Windows, are you the same? Or better? Which is it to be?

So why do people love Apple products so much?

Owning relatively few Apple products I felt a bit out of my depth on this topic. In order to have any kind of authority to take on a piece like this I did some research.

This nice chap at Quora summed it up pretty well. It's an old post but I really felt like the salient points are still as relevant today as they were back in 2011. Which, I think, is testament to the longevity of this mega brand that is Apple. 

Quora's explanation of why people like Apple products

Being authentic in whatever you do.

Apple will probably always, or at least for the foreseeable future, have a robust following of diehard fans. For their competitors that must be understandably very frustrating. 

So frustration aside, how exactly are their competitors supposed to compete?

We think the key is authenticitiy. In anything and everything you do. 

Being authentic through your digital marketing. 

This shouldn't be an intimidating sentiment for a smaller business. We think this is an empowering ethos for any size of business. That is, not be intimidated by the big brands who evidently get it wrong often. 

Take AdWords as an example. Even in heavily saturated markets, where it becomes difficult to differentiate your products and services in your digital marketing communications, we feel that it's still incredibly important to be brave. 

Hypotheyically you could own a telecom company, selling similar products to BT Business. You might feel compelled to look at a company like BT for inspiration but if you knew they had a lame call to action like 'Get A Free Quote Now!' in their ad copy you might feel differently. 

BT Google Ad with Get a Quote call to action

As a small business, you could be the youngest telecomms company in London, and make brave and real statements in your ad copy that get your energy and fresh approach across. What a great opportunity to be authentic and stand out. 

Authenticity isn't just important with ad copy though. Take for example, social media messaging. 

As an example of poorly executed social media messaging we look to our friends at BT once again. Naughty BT!

BT Twitter feed

What this feed demonstrates is a company revelling in all the lovely things people are saying about them, completely missing the opportunity to engage with their audience and be, well, social. It doesn't feel authentic, or genuine. 

The importance

It's always easy to make cheap shots, or empty statements. But we think it's important to make your digital marketing work harder than that. 

Just like with Microsoft, there will be elements of your business that offers something different to your competitors - things of real and authentic value. 

Wouldn't it be nice if your digital marketing got that across? 



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