11.5x ROI for a retailer's digital campaign

The Client

Our client Alta Costura is a Kent based bridal-wear shop. They are renowned for their excellent customer experience and we were delighted to start working with them back in early 2015.


The Background 

After already working with Alta Costura across various digital marketing projects, they still had the majority (70%) of their bridal appointments on a Saturday and the remaining 30% throughout the week. They wanted to balance this out to manage workload and sales. They also wanted to promote the fact that they stock bridal accessories as well as dresses.

The idea was to encourage weekday appointments, by offering a free £75 voucher for accessories.  This was a good way to encourage a behaviour, but without devaluing the dresses.  It also promoted the accessories that Alta Costura sold.

Alta Costura Shop

What We Did

Phase 1 - planning

We created a dedicated landing page for the promotion, which was promoted through the website homepage and social banners.  The landing page featured a "book an appointment" feature, allowing us to track performance.

To raise awareness of the promotion we used social channels to raise awareness of the promotion, while targeting previous visitors to the website through remarketing ads.

We also ran banner ads in a very targeted demographic - based on location, keywords and interests.  This allowed the store to reach a new audience who otherwise may have never heard about the offer.

Alta Costura Banner Ad

Phase 2 - running the campaigns

Once we had the campaigns set up, we kept re-promoting the offer using imagery, and managed the online ads daily.  It's important to track performance throughout a campaign like this, not just to hit start and wait for the budget to get spent. 

The Outcome 

For the duration of the promotion, month-by-month, the percentage of weekday and weekend offers:

  • Prior to campaign:  Saturday appointments 70%, Weekday 30%
  • September:  Saturday appointments 55%, Weekday 45%
  • October:       Saturday appointments 57%, Weekday 43%
  • November    Saturday appointments 54%, Weekday  46%

Even once the campaign ended clients were still asking about the accessories and whether or not they qualified for the offer, showing that the message had travelled beyond the inital audience.
More importantly than all this though, the campaign delivered more than 11x the amount they invested back, in confirmed midweek sales. 

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