An emotive B2B social campaign

The background

Who says B2B social has to be boring?

We work with a client called Mazuma, online accountants. They provide a service where your accounts are all done for you, hassle-free. You send your receipts and invoices off in a purple envelope, and their team do the rest - inputting the data and preparing your accounts.

Mazuma mostly work with small businesses, with 1-10 employees - so have a very specific audience.

We were looking for a new campaign, to engage and build the Mazuma brand, as a voice and thought leader for small business.

What we did

We brainstormed some campaign ideas, and looked into research around running a small business. One thing which jumped out at us was that everything was quite positive, and aspirational. Lots of success stories and people who were winning at the entrepreneurship game.

But we knew it wasn't really like that - at least not for most people. In fact, there are many bad days running a business, and many challenges big and small!

And that's where the idea for #realbusiness came from.

We created a survey and sent it out to as many people as we could, on Mazuma's behalf. It included 5 questions, all around how business owners felt, about social media and peer pressure. From the survey, we found some pretty shocking results, which reaffirmed that this was a huge stigma.

  • 94% said that the media and social media does not give an accurate portrayal of small businesses and entrepreneurs 
  • 71% said they feel under pressure to live up to a certain image of a business owner or entrepreneur 
  • 74% said they feel under pressure to seem perfect (as a business owner) on social media 

Off the back of that, we encouraged engagement and comments from business owners. You can read some of the comments and examples here.

The outcomes

The results were interesting. The campaign certainly got people talking and engaging. A lot of business owners messaged directly, fearing the public eye. But we received over 100 messages and engagements during the campaign - and so we know the campaign had a deep impact.

Businesses were sharing the hashtag, pouring their hearts out - great for overcoming the stigma...but also great positioning for the Mazuma brand, in front of their followers. Authentic and genuine engagement.

Other outcomes included:

  • Nearly x3 total traffic (year on year increase)
  • More than x2 social traffic (year on year increase)
  • 8x enquiries via social (year on year increase)
  • 10% increase in Facebook followers (as compared to before the campaign)


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