Highly engaging B2B social and content

The background

Weedingtech is a London-based clean-tech company who manufacture the leading herbicide-free weed control solution. The solution is delivered through their machinery that is sold through tier 1 distributors around the world - from North America, across Europe and recently moving in to New Zealand.

We were approached by Weedingtech in 2017. They had an existing digital agency who managed their social, content, PPC and SEO. But they weren't happy with the quality of content - they didn't feel it resonated or reflected their positioning.

The company is at the forefront of huge growth, as they are in a market that is rapidly changing in their favour. They needed an agency who could help them capitalise on this explosion – creating, engaging and educating theirrelevant audiences.

What we did

We worked together with their in-house marketing team to develop a digital strategy that was aligned to the company's growth strategy.

We helped clarify customer segments and personas, and the best channels to reach them. We helped plan  and build new content - and developed a social and content plan that would engage the relevant segments.

We built up lists of ideal customers to follow, developed engagement strategies and put out high-quality messaging to engage the audience.

We also promoted sensitively-written content that educated but without being controversial in a very sensitive marketplace.

With a great deal of helpful input from the client, we transformed the social from generic content, third party content and text-based posts into highly-visual, engaging content.


The outcome

Within the first year of working together, we've seen some impressive engagement growth:

  • Traffic has more than doubled
  • Conversions have nearly trebled
  • Content views have increased by over 50%
  • Visits via social to the website have trebled

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