SEO success in a competitive B2B space

The background

Brightlines Translation is an owner-managed business in the competitive translation services market. With some big players in the same space, the challenges of SEO are heightened - you're competing with big budgets and large marketing teams.

With a unique and engaging positioning, very visual and creative-led Brightlines had historically punched above their weight, outcompeting larger companies. Mixed with great service delivery and a dedication to the art - they fit our ideal client profile with their dedication. They deserve success.

What we did

We supported Brightlines across the board - marketing, social, content, paid media - and of course SEO.

We went through our usual strategy phase, and identified the gaps in content that they had - which could lead to improved rankings. Mixed with on-page optimisation, we knew we could make gains pretty quickly.

We also identified that they had quite a small link profile, and knew we had to focus on gaining high DA links to improve traffic.

We also worked on producing high search-intent content, which fed into the SEO strategy.

The outcome

For their key terms, Brightlines now rank on the top page of Google, where they previously didn't rank at all - outcompeting brands with much higher budgets and bigger teams. 

Within the first year of working together:

  • For the main commercial term in the industry, achieved a top 5 position (starting from over 100)
  • Search visibility has more than more than doubled overall
  • Organic traffic has increased by 95% (nearly double)
  • Enquiries have more than doubled

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