Using gated content to build awareness in a niche market

The Client

Simply Courses is a client we’ve worked with since early 2015. They are a programmatic media buying agency working with global agencies and also some end clients.

In November 2015 they launched – and we were involved in the below pre-launch campaign.



The Background

In the autumn,  were preparing for launch. They wanted to build and engage a target audience of university marketers.

University marketers are typically very closed to communication and are difficult to access, so this was going to be a challenge. Generally, direct marketing won’t make good traction, so we needed to create an inbound lead generation strategy using information and learning how to draw them to us.

With the upcoming A-Level results and consequent clearing flurry, we decided a good campaign would compare how universities fared against their competitors during clearing.

A castle style university

What We Did

We created a plan for an eBook, downloadable by entering your details.

The eBook analysed data from our social media monitoring system, and aimed to share the best practice executed by universities across the clearing period. We felt this would be a big draw – seeing what other universities did, analysed by an independent third party.

They were able to gain insights about what worked for other universities, who the best were and what they did to achieve those results. The idea was, next year they’ll have that information so they can outwit competitors.

The Outcome

The overall objective was to generate leads and email addresses.

The eBook brought over 150 downloads during the campaign, from over 50 universities. This led to direct enquiries too.

With only 109 universities in the UK, the company had immediate access to nearly 50% of university marketing departments from one campaign.

It also led to more followers, engagement and awareness within that marketplace.

This sort of campaign can be easily replicated for any company in any industry – looking to target a specific and attractive niche.

University building

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