Increased organic traffic by 95% for Brightlines

This owner-operated translation provider used SEO to outperform some global brands with far larger budgets and marketing teams. 


Brightlines is a translation services company operating out of a picturesque village in the Wiltshire countryside.

Don’t let the rural headquarters fool you though – these guys provide translation services to some of the world’s most well-known brands.

They’re also the kind of company we love to work with – passionate, dedicated to their customers and excellent at what they do.

In short, they deserve success. 

Brightlines are relatively small in their field, yet had always punched above their weight. This is due in no small part to co-founder Neil’s background in the design industry; the company has a unique branding that means when clients come across them, they invariably like what they see.

The challenge, of course, was to remain visible. This space is occupied with a lot of major players with bigger budgets and bigger marketing teams, and there is the danger that smaller companies such as Brightlines could be crowded out.

We were brought in to make sure this didn’t happen. 

What we did

With the company already having such a strong service offering and branding, our role was to identify improvements behind the scenes that could help increase their visibility. After our initial strategy phase, we found a few areas where we felt some quick gains would be possible. These were:

  • On page optimisation on their website
  • Content strategy based around key search terms
  • Increasing their link profile (the number of links to the site from high profile websites)

We also helped implement social media strategy and ran a series of PPC campaigns

What happened next

These adjustments to their strategy had some significant and fairly immediate results. Within the first year of working together:

    • Their enquiries had doubled
    • Organic traffic to the site had increased by 95%
    • Search visibility had increased dramatically, with a number 1 spot in the Google rankings for key terms including: ‘marketing translation services’, ‘marketing translation’ and ‘website translation services’. 

Brightlines also now rank on the first page of Google for all their key terms, outcompeting firms with far larger budgets and marketing teams. 

This is the kind of project we love – partnering with a great organisation and using our specific skills in digital marketing to help them succeed.




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