Content Marketing Agency in Cardiff

Content marketing agency in Cardiff

We're a digital marketing agency in Cardiff, based at Tramshed Tech, producing content for websites, brochures, blogs and eBooks.

Content marketing refers to the creation and distribution of high-value, educational content that fits into the content marketing funnel. So that may be to raise awareness of your products/services, or to help your sales team close deals.

Content marketing is a great opportunity to build trust with your customers. We see so many sales messages every day, and they have become a big turn-off. Content marketing allows you to create blogs, news or eBooks for example, which educate, help the audience complete their tasks or do their job, and in turn build a connection with them.

Content is also key in driving SEO results, having interesting content to share on social, and sometimes to support PPC campaigns. Good marketing is integrated, and great content underpins that.

We can also help with your websites, brochures and even video scripting and presentations - basically any marketing copywriting.

Content strategy consultancy

Content for various industries

We often get asked how we can produce content for such a variety of industries. It's a fair question, and the approach is one which we've spent years perfecting.

We have an in-house content manager and proofreader who oversees content production. When planning content, they'll involve other key members of the team, so the content works for the whole strategy. Then, they'll put together a content plan.

Who writes the content can vary. Most brand content is done in house, but where specialist content is needed we'll work closely with clients. In some cases, we'll work with external partners, where very specialist knowledge is needed. In other cases we'll work closely with the in-house team, providing them with briefs and reviewing completed content.

It's really a case by case basis, but one thing is always the same - it's determined by what's best for the client.

Content planning

What’s included is driven by a combination of factors - keywords people search for, what will drive social media engagement, or key messages you might want to refer customers to.

We’ll find the most appropriate format for your content pieces, be that web pages, new sections of your site, blogs, product guides, eBooks, infographics or news pieces.

If you're looking for a partner who can direct content strategy and help drive better online results, we'd love to have a conversation.

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