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If a portion or all of your business’ revenue comes via eCommerce channels, you’ll be aware of the many advantages the business model has over more traditional ways of doing business.

The need for physical space and staff is reduced or even eliminated. The customer base is not restricted by location. And profit margins can be higher.

What’s more, these days it’s easier than ever to set up an online store via platforms such as Shopify. 

However, while setting up your eCommerce website and pressing ‘Publish’ may be simple, your business still has to find ways to meet the challenge of attracting new customers. In the vast world of the internet, this challenge should not be underestimated. 

Using digital marketing for eCommerce

This is where digital marketing can help. In many ways, digital marketing and eCommerce are a perfect match. A customer can move from an advertisement, blog post or search result, directly to your site and make a purchase without leaving their chair.

A successful digital marketing strategy for eCommerce will make this process as fluid as possible, increasing both the number of ways your customer will find you online and your sales. 

How we’ll help

eCommerce is something of a specialty of ours. We’ve been designing digital marketing strategies to help eCommerce businesses drive more sales for more than a decade. Typical ways we might help your eCommerce business attract more sales include:

Our process always begins with a detailed conversation to help us understand your brand and your target customers. Using our own analytical tools and any data you are able to provide, we will work to establish a number of key considerations, including:

  • Where your customers spend their time online
  • How your customers currently reach you
  • If there are further channels to exploit

Following this analysis, we will tailor a strategy that will help your eCommerce business reach more customers. In most cases this will be a mix of digital marketing tools, including content creation, SEO, digital advertising, email marketing and more.

If required, we will also hone or develop your website to help ensure the sales process is as smooth as possible for your user. 

Tracking customer activity is more important than ever in the eCommerce sector, so our service always includes detailed analysis of every different marketing channel that we create.

We’ll use this analysis to review and refine our approach, ensuring that sales continue to increase beyond the first few months of our strategy being implemented. 

An effective case study

  • See how we helped personalised teddy bear company Bears4U increase their sales by 1000% through effective SEO

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