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The success of your E-Learning business relies on meeting a number of competing challenges. Creating useful, engaging courses, often around difficult subject matter. Keeping up with technological innovations to ensure courses are up to date and as interactive as possible. And adjusting teaching styles to suit specific audiences. 

But once these have been met, the most important challenge is getting your content seen. You won’t need us to tell you E-Learning is an extremely competitive industry; the relative ease with which videos can be created and uploaded now means that barriers to entry in this market are very low.

An effective digital marketing strategy can be the difference between your courses being picked over your competitors’. 

How we’ll help

We’ve helped E-Learning providers offering everything from online sales training to industry-specific machine maintenance training sell their courses effectively.

Depending on your subject area and business needs, ways we might do this include:

  • Website development
  • Professional creation of E-Learning videos and materials
  • Targeted social media marketing based on interests 
  • Content creation around your subject area to drive interested customers to your site
  • SEO and keyword analysis in your subject area. 

As with any company we work with, our first step will involve a thorough conversation to understand the nature of the courses you offer and the expectations of your students or trainees. Rather than take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to digital marketing for E-Learning providers, we tailor any strategy that we create accordingly.

This might involve market research around whether a ‘freemium’ type model would suit your brand and appeal to your customers. It could be suggesting techniques for retention and repeat business. Or we might suggest updating your website to make sure it is mobile responsive. 

Just as you might monitor students’ completion rates and feedback on courses to help you improve and develop them for the future, we’ll track the metrics for all the campaigns we run. We’ll then refine our strategies accordingly to ensure student numbers increase year on year. 

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