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It’s no secret that the manufacturing industry is changing. As a professional working within this sector, you’ll be well aware of ‘Industry 4.0’ – the term given to the new way of working brought about by technologies such as AI, machine learning and automation.

It should come as no surprise that customer’s habits, in both B2B and B2C business models, are changing as well. 

Yet manufacturers are often still behind the curve when it comes to the possibilities offered by digital marketing, with many sticking to more traditional forms such as trade shows and print. This presents a real opportunity for manufacturers who do choose to engage with digital marketing.

Using digital marketing for manufacturing industries

Established firms can use their digital platforms to demonstrate their industry leading credentials. New firms can take advantage of slower moving competitors, using digital marketing to generate new leads and win new contracts.

In both cases, the difference that a well-constructed, carefully targeted digital marketing campaign makes can result in a significant rise in leads and sales. 

Improving B2B and B2C sales

At All Trousers, we have proven experience in helping manufacturers improve their sales. We understand that manufacturers, especially those in the B2B world, will often have a very specific audience, so we’ll work with you to pinpoint exactly who you clients are and how we can best help them find you.

This might be something as simple as ensuring you rank first for a particular part number they might be searching for. It could be something for a broader audience, like creating ‘thought leadership’ style content. We’ll also carefully consider which channels will be most likely to reach these buyers, and focus our efforts here. 

For manufacturers operating a B2C business model, we will work to make sure the products you make are seen by the customers that want to buy them.

This could mean anything from helping create a modern, mobile responsive eCommerce platform, to carrying out extensive keyword analysis that helps understand how your customers look for you online. 

No matter your industry

Whatever your industry, and whoever your customers are, our commitment to getting the best possible understanding of your company will enable us to focus our efforts in the right place.

We understand that manufacturing is a very diverse sector, and we’ll never assume that what has worked for one company will work for another. Our approach is to always carry out thorough research on your industry, your customers and your competitors before creating a bespoke strategy for your company. 

Unlike the trade shows and the print advertisements, all the activities we carry out are clearly measurable, so you will have exact figures to demonstrate your ROI.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure this is a positive one from the outset, then we’ll refine and develop our processes to keep it getting even better. 

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