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Keyword research adds science to the art of digital

Keyword research adds science to the art of SEOcontent strategy and PPC. Good quality keyword research helps to shape online strategy, and can help drive exceptional results when implemented well.

More than just extracting search terms from readily available terms, we look to understand the wider terms used in your business, in your industry and by your customers. Crucially, how different terms might lead to different results - and matching your business goals to keywords.

Armed with this information, our expert keyword research specialists use a variety of tools and compile multiple data sources - meaning you’re not just reliant on one source of data.

How we do it

We start any keyword research with a thorough understanding of your products and services. This is to understand the sort of terminology used, but also to understand what kind of traffic will be suitable.

Our team of experts take that information and build variations of possible terms using clever software, allowing us to check thousands of keyword combinations relatively quickly.

Once we have a list of keywords aligned to your services, we identify suggested keywords - and map them to your existing content. In many cases, this leads to a need for creation of copy for new pages, to align your website content to search terms.

What comes next

With robust keyword research, and a plan for new search opportunities through content, a usual next step is to engage in SEO and content - with the aim of growing organic traffic.

That’s when we engage our full team - be it content, SEO, or social to start generating better online results for your business.

If you're looking for keyword research service that's bespoke and thoughtful, we're your ideal partner.

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