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To get a quick idea of how your website is performing and what issues it has, you can get a free audit from us. Our comprehensive tool will look at errors and site performance and give you an actionable list of suggestions.

If you'd like us to go in-depth, we can perform a bespoke SEO audit unique to your business and objectives.



What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a key stage of our SEO process, evaluating how well prepared your website is for search engines. An SEO audit establishes whether your site includes all the factors search engines look for when they decide your ranking position - and leaves you with recommendations for implementation.

The SEO audit comes early on in our SEO process.  Once we’ve reviewed historical data available to us, reviewed competitor activity and conducted keyword research, the next step tends to be an SEO audit - which helps plan future activities with prioritised actions.

Understanding effectiveness of your site forms part of your future SEO strategy.

How we manage an SEO audit

When auditing a website for SEO purposes, we tend to break our work into 4 distinct phases.  

First, on-site SEO.  We look at the website’s on-page content, and review how it is grouped - as well as performance per page. We can determine if content structure works from an SEO perspective, for instance whether any content that conflicts with content on other pages. Meanwhile on a per-page basis, we can pick out any factors within the content that we website could be missing, which could improve rankings for that page.

We also investigate the technical side of SEO. This part of the SEO audit picks out any technical issues with the website, which could be negatively affecting your rankings.  For example site speed or issues with url structure. Technical SEO issues may not necessarily be detected by looking at the front-end of the website in a browser, but using a suite of tools we can identify them - and understand whether they are having a negative impact on your rankings.

There are also factors that can affect your rankings, which don’t involve your website. Off-page SEO factors such as backlinks and social media signals can have a big impact, either positive or negative.  It’s important to gain an understanding of off-site SEO to give a rounded view of your SEO performance.

Finally, we run the site by our UX team, who identify any issues with user journey, layouts or usability.  Search engines keep putting more and more weight on usability as a ranking factor, and we’ve responded to that by building in-house UX expertise.  UX improvements help improve your website performance, and that’s something that search engines value.

At the end of the SEO audit we compile all this information into a report and present our findings back to you, including our prioritised recommendations on how to improve your current SEO efforts.

Implementing the recommendations

After reporting our findings back to you, many clients engage us to improve their SEO. We take our recommendations and turn them into a plan of action.  

We start with the most important recommendations. These recommendations tend to have the biggest impact on your rankings. We then move onto the recommendations that are gradual progress tasks that impact your rankings over time.

We recommend getting an SEO audit at least every year, and our goal is always to drive more relevant traffic and better online results for our clients.

If you’re looking for a bespoke SEO audit run by SEO experts in the UK, you’re in the right place.

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