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Want to develop a successful content marketing strategy?

The content your business puts out in the world is a way of showcasing your knowledge, your skills and even your personality to potential customers – so trusting someone to speak for you is a big deal.

You need to be sure that whoever talks on your behalf knows not just what you want to say, but how you want to say it.

Here’s where having us as a marketing partner really pays off. We’ll make sure that every blog post, newsletter, social media post or downloadable ebook is stamped with your brand’s unique voice. It just so happens that this all helps drive better long-term results as well.

What is content marketing?

Ever read a blog post or watched an instructional video that was so good you just had to find out more? That’s content marketing at work.

Content marketing is the process of creating material that will reflect positively on your brand and interest your customers without directly selling to them. 

Typically it’s a softer approach than direct advertising such as PPC, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. And it’s worth knowing that content plays a big role in relation to PPC and SEO, so even though the process might not feel direct, it still has a pretty important part to play.

A good content marketing strategy will promote positive brand awareness, give your customers more ways to find you, and will help your PPC and SEO. 

Our content marketing services can help you by:

  • Producing regular, high quality content to keep your audience engaged
  • Driving a wider audience to your website or store
  • Establishing you as an authority within your field

Our approach to content marketing

Content marketing is one of our specialisms here at All Trousers. We create a mix of content that drives seo traffic, engages on social and helps convert customers. Our commitment to truly getting to know your business means we’ll create content that engages your audience in the right way. 

Our process usually involves four key stages: 

1 – Keyword research

With a mix of customer profiling and hard analytics, we find out the kind of questions your customers are asking, the kind of subjects that interest them and the sort of content that will entertain them. And of course, we’ll look at what will make them want to buy as well. 

2 – Content planning

We design a content plan that aligns with the areas we have identified and is true to your brand. We take the time to understand your customer’s journey, creating a strategy that guides them through a conversion funnel to get the results you want

3 – Content creation

When it comes to content, we always think about format – content doesn’t always have to mean writing a blog. Our writers, editors and designers produce the blogs, social media posts, graphics or video content.

Whatever we create, we do it in advance of our agreed posting date, to give you plenty of time to request any changes and sign it off. Before it goes live, we’ll make sure it is SEO-ready too, adding in any links and keyword changes to help it reach the right audience. 

4 – Monitoring performance

We’ll keep a track of how each post performs and use this to refine our strategy in the future. As with everything we do, we’ll be open and honest about what is working. If something isn’t performing as well as we’d hoped we’ll take steps to fix it, keeping you informed through the whole process. 

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Content marketing FAQs

Why pick All Trousers as a content marketing agency?

For the long answer, see above. For the short answer: because we are committed to creating high quality content that resonates with your target audience and will generate more sales and enquiries. 

What is a typical content marketing contract length?

Content marketing works best when it’s consistent. We’d usually recommend starting with a 6-month contract to build a varied and comprehensive range of content, then analysing and refining our approach at the end of this period. 

How does content marketing pricing work?

Pricing for content marketing is often on a retainer basis, and we will work to an agreed budget to create the content that you require. 

Why is content marketing important?

Today’s customers can spot a sales pitch a mile off. In most cases they don’t like it. Content marketing offers a way to build relationships with your customers without coming across too pushy.

By creating useful, informative content that answers their questions, you build positive associations with your brand that will hopefully lead to future sales. 

What is good content marketing?

The answer will change for every company, but good content marketing is something that engages your audience in a positive way and builds positive brand association without pushing for the sale. 

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