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Working as your partner, not just your agency, has some benefits for us as well.

One of them is that we get to share in those little moments of joy along the way, and there’s nothing like a great PPC campaign to bring about one of those ‘yessss!’ moments. A quick boost in sales. Your event selling out. A few hundred new followers. It brings a smile to our faces just thinking about it.

Of course, our partnership approach is what helps us get the kind of results that make you smile as well, so it works for everyone. 

What is PPC? 

PPC (pay-per-click) is a broad term referring to a form of online advertising where ads are targeted based on a user’s search terms, browsing histories or profile.

It allows you to be incredibly specific as to the audience that you reach. It’s also a faster, more direct approach than SEO or content marketing. Done well, it can deliver almost instant results. 

Our PPC services can help your business:

  • Boost sales quickly
  • Increase brand awareness to a new audience
  • Promote specific products, events or services

We pride ourselves on our ability to make paid digital advertising work for our clients. Pressing ‘launch’ on a great PPC campaign still gets us excited, even after all this time.

We’ve helped some of the UK’s most well-known brands create and implement successful PPC campaigns to increase their sales, promote awareness of their events and outperform their competitors. Go Compare, Confused.com, Ericsson and more have all benefited from our expertise in paid digital advertising. 

That doesn’t mean you have to be a huge company or have a large budget to make PPC work for you, or to work with us. Digital advertising can have serious benefits for companies of all sizes, and we love helping all our clients achieve their specific goals with PPC. 

Our Approach to PPC

A good PPC campaign requires a certain amount of technical knowledge. As accredited Google Partners, we can guarantee this.

But it also requires a genuine understanding of your brand. Too many PPC campaigns feel disjointed from the company they are supposed to represent. Done poorly, it can even damage brand perceptions. 

This is where our commitment to collaborating and integrating with your business brings value. We combine the technical knowledge required to optimise a digital campaign with a more holistic understanding of who you are and how your customers want to find you.

We work across a number of platforms: Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram, Bing Ads and LinkedIn to name just a few. This means that wherever your audience ‘hangs out’ on the internet, we can help you reach them. Importantly, we’ll do this in a way that complements your brand. 

PPC case study

An example of a great recent PPC campaign that we took on can be found here:

If you feel like the instant boost of a PPC campaign could benefit your business, get in touch and we’ll talk through your options.


How long are contract terms?

Unlike SEO, PPC campaigns can be extremely short-term, so we don’t have set contract times for these. We’ll set the length of the campaign based on your specific goals. Or, we can incorporate our PPC activity as part of a monthly retainer. It’s really whatever works best for you. 

How does PPC pricing work? 

The pricing for a digital advertising campaign can be quite complex, but the price you pay will vary depending on the type of advertisement, the search terms that you want to trigger your ad, and the length of your campaign.

We’ll work with you to find a strategy that suits both your desired outcomes and your budget. 

How do you ensure success with a PPC campaign?

Setting up a PPC campaign is relatively easy. Making it successful isn’t. This is where we’ll add value.

We have years of experience researching and understanding audiences and helping businesses stand out from their competitors with their digital advertising campaigns. We know the right questions to ask, and the right techniques to use to get results. 

What is the difference between SEM and SEO?

You may have seen the acronym SEM in relation to digital advertising and wondered if it is different to SEO.

Broadly speaking, SEO (search engine optimisation) refers to the techniques used to make your website more attractive to search engines, meaning customers will find you ‘organically’. SEM (search engine marketing) usually refers to a type of PPC advertising, where you pay to appear in searches. 

What is a paid search strategy?

A paid search strategy is a process of researching your audience, determining your goals and deciding which forms of PPC, which search terms, and which platforms are most likely to help you achieve the best results. 

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