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Great SEO is about more than technical tweaks and clever tricks. Our focus on getting to the heart of your business gives us some real advantages when it comes to designing SEO strategies that get results.

Because we make sure we really ‘get’ what you do, we’ll optimise in a way that aligns with your brand and its values. We’ll see opportunities to connect with your audience that others might miss, and we’ll make sure everything we do drives the outcomes you want. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the process of making it as easy as possible for people to find your business online. It’s kind of like the difference between your business being tucked down an alley or located on the high street. Sure, you’ll get your regular customers down the side street. But your footfall will increase dramatically if you’re positioned where everyone can see you.

Statistics vary as to the amount of traffic that different positions in Google searches receive, but most evidence show at least 50% of traffic goes to the top three search results. In short: your search ranking matters. 

Our SEO services will help you:

  • Rank higher than your competitors on search engines
  • Optimise user experience on your website
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your audience and how they find you

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Our approach to SEO

In years gone by, you could achieve a high search ranking simply by repeating keywords throughout your website. Luckily those days are gone (it made for some horrible reading).

Then, for a time, companies got away with using ‘dark arts’ like stuffing keywords into hidden pages. Search engines are wise to these tactics now and tend to penalise websites that use them. Beware: lots of companies offering SEO services still use these methods. You could be paying someone to decrease your visibility!

These days, the way to achieve a good SEO ranking is more sophisticated and natural. SEO success involves balancing a number of factors, most of which are about making the site more user friendly and useful for your customers. Better design, more interesting content, a more fluid buying process – the list goes on.

This is where we can help. Much of our collaboration with you will be about improving the experience your customers have when visiting your site, and we’ll also take care of the technical SEO elements.

Crucial to achieving this is an understanding of your business, your customers and your goals from the outset. While some companies will put you on a retainer and use the same strategies they do for every client, our focus on getting to the heart of what your business is about means we’ll only do what’s right for you.

We know that real results happen when we share an understanding of your goals and your customers’ wishes.

We work with you to establish:

  • Who you want to find you
  • What you want to be known for  
  • Ways your specific customers interact with your site

We’ll make sure we understand all this as well as we would if we sat beside you in the office. Then we’ll put strategies in place to get the results you want. 

SEO techniques we use

It’s important to mention that the criteria for achieving a good search ranking are changing all the time. What worked well last year might be ineffective now.

You can trust us to keep on top of all the changes the search engines are making, and to act accordingly. We’ll also discuss all activities we carry out with you, and give clear reasons why we feel each one is right for your business and its brand values. 

Broadly speaking though, we will focus our activities in five main areas:

1 – On-site best practice for SEO

This includes technical considerations such as making sure your pages load quickly and have the right security settings, to content considerations such as aligning your headings with search terms.

We’ll prime your website to make it attractive to the search engines. 

2 – Technical SEO

The days of the dark arts might be over, but there are still a number of technical elements to consider when it comes to good SEO practice. These include factors such as giving the search engines a clear site map, ensuring it is responsive to different devices and writing the extra data that you add around your core page title.

Don’t worry if this sounds a bit complex. Just know that we’ll ensure it’s all up to date and fine tuned on your website. 

3 – Content Strategy

One guaranteed way to help your search engine ranking is to increase the time your customers spend on your site, and the number of ways they can find you.

A good content strategy achieves both. We’ll help you design this by considering the kind of information your customers might search for, then planning and creating content that will inform, entertain or persuade them to buy. See more about our content management service here. 

4 – UX Improvements

In our opinion, UX needs to be considered alongside SEO because the user experience of your site contributes to your success in search engines (and your conversion rates). Making sure it’s easy to navigate, works on a range of devices and looks great is another way we’ll help improve your online presence.

5 – Digital PR

Beyond your site there are numerous avenues that can help increase your visibility. Depending on your brand, this might include developing an effective social media strategy, guest posting on other pages, and engaging with other platforms.

Our strength as an agency is that we’ll work closely with you to determine a strategy that works in line with your unique brand, then help you execute it perfectly. 

SEO case studies

SEO is all about results. Luckily these are easy to measure, and everything we do is clearly trackable. This means we can say with confidence that the work we have done has made a genuine difference to the clients we’ve worked with. Here are a few examples: 

  • We helped online cuddly toy retailer Bears4U increase their sales tenfold with some technical adaptations to their website
  • See how we used effective SEO strategies to help translation provider Brightlines outperform some of the major players in their field

If you would like to find out more about how our SEO services can help your business attract more customers, get in touch for a chat about your needs. Call us, email us, or if you’re based in Cardiff, stop by our office for a chat (we might be digital marketing experts but we still like doing things face to face when we can!).


Why pick All Trousers as your SEO agency?

Lots of reasons – more of which you’ll find here. In short, we take the time to really get to know you, your company and your goals before designing your SEO strategy.

We are open and honest about how we do things, and how well what we’ve done has worked. And our team has the right blend of technical expertise and creative flair to help you get the best results. 

How does pricing work?

Each project is unique, so pricing will vary accordingly. However, in most cases we work on a retainer basis, with the cost calculated by the number and complexity of tasks we are working on each month. 

How long are your contract terms?

SEO takes time to implement and for results to show. In most cases we plan our activities on a quarterly basis, though we have been working with many of our clients for several years (they tend to stick with us once they start to see the results good SEO brings in).

Regular reporting and refining based on results are all part of the deal, so the value for money you get only increases over time.  

How do you ensure success with SEO?

Firstly, we make sure we are up to date with the latest developments made by the search engines, so that we know what we are doing is working for you.

Secondly, we ensure the way we work is directly in line with your brand and your customers’ search habits.

And thirdly, by continually reviewing and refining our process, to keep your SEO results improving. 

Who needs SEO the most?

Any business can benefit from being easier to find online, and we work with a range of key sectors. Of course, those that sell online will see more direct, immediate benefit. But professional service providers and local businesses have a lot to gain from higher search rankings as well – where is the first place you look to find a local restaurant, solicitor or manufacturer? 

Do I need SEO?

If you want to give your business added credibility, attract more customers, and stay relevant as the world of business shifts more and more online, then yes, SEO can work for you. 

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