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Whatever social media platform you use, and whatever your aims, one thing matters most: authenticity.

There are two ways you can achieve this. One: do it all yourself. Nothing wrong with this so long as you have the time and a strategy behind what you do. Or two: work with marketing partners who are sincerely committed to understanding your business and your audience, and have proven expertise running successful social media campaigns.

If you like the sound of option two, we’re here for you. Find out more below. 

What is social media management?

How often does your business post on social media? What is your posting strategy? What are the specific purposes of each account you run? Who is engaging with your posts, and how often? 

If you don’t have answers to these questions, don’t worry. In our experience, most businesses we talk to don’t either (including some pretty big ones). For many companies, social media is an afterthought – something they feel they should have, but don’t see as an important marketing tool. 

That creates a real opportunity for those that choose to engage with social media marketing. Done well, it can be a powerful way to promote brand awareness, engage on a different level with potential customers and make more sales. The only problem of course, is that getting social media right takes some serious time and effort. 

This is where we can help. Our collaborative approach means we develop a thorough understanding of your brand and your customers. From here, we’ll build a social media strategy that will bring business your way. 

Our social media management services will help you by:

  • Creating engaging, quality posts that generate interest in your business
  • Taking the time consuming process of posting and monitoring social media off your hands
  • Optimising your social channels to drive sales

Our approach to social media management

Exactly how we help will depend on a number of factors. We’ll analyse your current ‘social mix’ and decide whether it fits with your customers and their preferences. We’ll set clear goals and strategies for each different channel, writing posts and designing visuals appropriately.

Once these objectives are clear, we’ll use your social media to increase customer engagement with your business.  

We’ll also agree up front on the level of involvement you’d like to have, and plan our activities accordingly. Some companies prefer to execute the strategy themselves. Some like us to take the stress of running social media accounts as well as their business off their hands entirely.

We are happy to do as much or little as you require, from creating and posting, to managing replies and enquiries.

As with everything we do, our social media activities produce clear and measurable metrics. We will provide regular reports, analyse our findings and refine our strategy accordingly.

As well as designing the strategy, we’re committed to continual improvement in results.

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