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Social media management with true personality

Once you’ve been through our social strategy phase, you’ll have a really clear idea of where your audience is and how to best engage them.

Social media management comes next - and this stage is all about creating and implementing a specific plan of action - to run campaigns, posts and engage your ideal audience.

More than just “scheduling” relevant content, our social media experts focus on demonstrating authenticity and showcasing personality.

The authenticity comes from working hard to extract genuine content from your business. Real content facilitates dialogue and engages your audience, as opposed to broadcasting products and services.  

Teamed with daily management of your online presence, your social can begin to perform as you know it could.

When executed well social media should feel like an extension of your true personality - and that’s what we do.

Social media management agency

Daily social media management

Social is fast-moving and changing every minute. New trends and themes emerge every week, and to keep on top of it your social channels need daily attention.

Every day we respond, react and engage quickly with your audience. Generally our goals are to:

  • Respond to mentions and interactions
  • Keep content relevant to latest trends and themes
  • Engage and build your audience
  • Drive the right business outcomes

Analysis and reporting

As important as good goal setting is good analysis - did the social media management deliver?

We always keep your business goals in mind. We check through our activity and ensure that our posts are creating the right outcomes.

Sometimes as important as the business goals are the social goals that precede them. Followers, mentions and reach aren’t always the end-goal, but they do lead to the right results.

We report back on a range of results via our monthly reports, meaning you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Speak to us if you want your brand to communicate socially with authenticity and personality.

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