Communicating with your existing customers better

Improve your customer retention

Your existing customers are your most reliable and secure source of revenue.

But too many companies focus their efforts on generating new leads, and don’t spend enough time nurturing and leveraging these valuable relationships.

Customer retention is becoming increasingly important as business shifts online. It’s easier than ever for customers to find alternatives, and many are drawn to brands that offer a good customer experience as well as a great product. This might mean regular delivery of specialist content, a personalised email, or a lively social media presence. 

However your customers want to hear from you, we’ll help you build a strategy so they will have you in mind when they next come to buy. 

Our approach is based on an analysis of the data we have on your customers’ behaviour and your relevant channels of communication. Put simply, we’ll look at where and how they interact with brands and help develop a communication strategy that aligns with these behaviours.

The execution of the strategy will be different for every company, but in most cases it will involve a blend of softer approaches such as SEO and social media posting, and more direct digital marketing such as PPC and email campaigns. 

The key to this is a thorough understanding of your business, from your brand values, to your goals, to your workplace culture. We’ll work hard to achieve this, then make sure all our communications are sympathetic to your authentic ‘brand voice’. 

We see our customer retention services as some of the most important work we do. Alongside a thorough marketing strategy that will keep new leads coming in, it is one of the most effective ways we help businesses thrive into the future. 

If you are looking for ways to connect with and retain your customers, and to make the relationships more valuable to your business, get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help.

Our Cardiff-based team have a wealth of combined experience developing and implementing effective communications strategies that get results. 


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