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One clear trend since 2015 is the increase in online sales in almost every sector. This includes some that many thought would never transition to online. 

The events of 2020 only served to accelerate this trend, with many businesses finding innovative ways to offer products and services via the internet.

One major factor in determining which companies succeed in the coming years will be how effectively they adapt to this online environment.  

Whatever the nature of your business, our PPC, SEO and content marketing campaigns are designed to help improve on a large number of metrics. We can help improve everything from the number of ways for customers to find you, to the amount of time people spend on your website.

Ultimately though, one key metric matters above anything else. Have we improved your revenue? For many businesses, increasing the amount of online orders is the most reliable way to achieve this. If this is your goal, then rest assured that everything we do will be geared towards making this quarter better than the last. 

There are two more key areas we focus on:

  1. We’re not looking just to give you one better month, but to ensure these more lucrative sales figures are consistent and sustained.
  2. We’ll keep learning, refining and improving your online sales strategy to keep that growth on an upward curve. 

To achieve this, a deep understanding of your business is vital, so we take time to get to know you and the way you work. We won’t carry out any marketing activity without first making sure it’s on-brand and tailored to your business.

Our collaborative approach to marketing has helped us increase sales for businesses in almost every sector, and we have a proven track record in increasing online sales for businesses at every stage of online integration.

For those with sophisticated Ecommerce platforms already generating large numbers of sales, we’ve made the tweaks and changes that have helped increase revenues further. For companies just starting to sell online, we’ve helped design strategies to successfully get them started. 

If selling online is a key part of your business plan for the coming years, get in touch or call in to our Cardiff office for a chat to see how we could help. 


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